When you are passionate about something, everything you do is spectacular!

Claudia Cociobea

She was born and raised in Bucharest, in a family of artists and art critics, she started sketching when she was 7 years old. Fallowed by art workshops and continued by studying fine arts in Spain, now she is a known artist with a great number of exhibitions and selling artworks.

She started taking pictures as a hobby capturing important moments of her family and friends. Fallowed by photography workshops. Therefore she is a talented photographer, because of her great skills she was able to work with a lot of celebrities from around the world, like Lucía Valentina Stanciu, Victoria Beckham, etc.

“It’s an organic process I get inspired by people every day.” To her each image is a new work of art, always updating and working with professionals. Her job is to make sure that you look good at all times. “Photography it’s like a portrait painting making sure all the colors are complementary and the angels are perfect.”

She is always pushing her boundaries and taking challenges she goes to the next level, with her creative process you are sure that you will have the best results. Currently based in KUWAIT.” When you are passionate about something, everything you do is spectacular!”