Milena Misic, International Model based in Dubai

milena Misic

Fashion model

in an exclusive interview with Milena, we have asked some interesting questions.

  • Where do you see yourself after 10 years?
    Running a private business and focused on my family
  • What motivates you the most?
    A good opportunity of course.
  • What is the most courageous thing you have done in your life?
    Put my name and reference for other people.
  • If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give your younger self?
    Trust and listen to yourself.
  • What are your greatest strengths?
    Am a hardworking person
  • Your First celebrity crush?
    Ashton Kutcher LOL
  • Two Things you scared of
    Hights and driving fast.
  • Craziest rummer you heated about yourself
    Never heard something bad or too crazy, but was coming from ppl who fit those adjective.
  • What is one thing you tried and you will never do again
    Diving? just didn’t find myself comfortable deep under the water
  • Something you hate what everyone else loves
    Guess many people love curry.
  • Your best beauty tip
    Get enough sleep.
  • What fashion trends you don’t understand. don’t like
    Fashion item becomes a trend only if on the person who knows how to wear it
  • What makes you lose your temper
    Rudeness and primitivism.
  • Three things you always have in your purse
    Sunglasses lipstick and charger
  • The most rebellious thing you did as a child
    Don’t remember anything special. was a nice average kid
  • Something you love but everyone else doesn’t
    Not such a thing, unfortunately, Haha.
  • 3 things you must do every day
    Check my email. listen to music. call my family.
  • Your Hobbies
    Recently just being at home and watching documentaries
  • Who inspires you?
    People who succeed because they have trust in themselves, ppl who are always smiling and polite to everyone.
  • A little introduction of yourself
    I am a Serbian model, ex-international now based in Dubai.