They expose what’s wrong with you

They expose what’s wrong with you, because they can’t handle what’s right about you

Throughout my years and my humble experience with social media, one consistent and recurring theme kept appearing over and over again for me.

And I am pretty sure you too have had a similar observation about those people who need to put others down so they can feel better about themselves.

I’m not sure what’s the root cause or causes of this behavior, but what I know is that, When you judge others or feel your “buttons being pushed” by the things they say and do, you may be projecting your feelings onto them. Meaning to say that when you don’t, or can’t, acknowledge your feelings or accept something about yourself, it’s a sign that deep down, you don’t love yourself. And if you don’t love yourself, you’ll never feel entirely at peace with yourself and the world around you. You’ll always find something to complain about, and the people in your life will always seem to be less than perfect because YOU think you’re less than perfect. And you try to project your frustrations and insecurities onto them.

You see engaging in these types of negative, mean-spirited behaviors if it lights on anything, it lights light on your lack of character.
All the pointless drama to put others down, whether it was by trying to ruin their reputation or image or whatever negative toxic thing that you might come up with to validate yourself, is nothing but hidden envy.

There are different kinds of those people, to be honest, and the worst of them are those who think they’re flawless. If you ask me, I believe they are so emotionally immature to deal with their shortcomings, so they put it onto others.

Today’s takeaway is unless you can learn to love yourself and accept yourself and your feelings, you’ll never be able to be fully loved by anyone else, either.


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Forget about what other people are doing with their lives. Try focusing on being happy and improving your own life by creating and mastering small, achievable goals instead. When you’re happy with your life, you won’t have time or energy to worry about other people or feel the need to talk bad about them.

When you love all of yourself as if by magic, you will find yourself being completely loved by others.

Don’t hate, create. #whennanawrites #NY