A Sinful goddess

A piece of Noujoud 

When everything becomes your nothing!
I look around and see them want my delicate soft skin, yet they can’t handle me being fragile
A howl in my heart listen to it
My needs come with a side of madness,
I am wild in my loneliness, yet I am worthy of a love that provides peace
I am worthy of more than just your needs 
Your words are tasteless, it speaks to me sweet nothings 
Are you just there with needs admiring what you think is my all !?
Maybe I am too pretty that I blind them with thoughts
I am not going to hide, I know I am wild enough to desire and am passionate enough to want your poems written all over me, a brush of your thoughts before your hands touch me
Your Words say how you would hold me, it speaks of how you explore
You said I need a priest, a bodyguard, and a doctor as all
Yes, maybe am holy enough to be worshipped with delusion 
Maybe am a sinful goddess that deserves it all
If you good enough you shall know to own me you need to String your words together around my throat
Choke me
Tie me
Invade my all

This is what sins are made for #whennanawrites #apieceofme