It’s “Guns and Roses”

Read not with eyes …

It’s “Guns and Roses”


Clearly we long to feel loved, accepted and understood.
However, many of us women feel undervalued, unfulfilled, hopeless, dismissed, intimated, and taken for granted.
many feel like they keep hitting the same wall. The same type of disappointments over and over again.

Same experience, different names …

Constantly we are being lectured on how to love ourselves, yet, we get lost and confused along the way.
It’s true, not knowing ourselves, our values, not knowing how to set healthy boundaries, and not knowing to voice out our fears without being abused or judged, etc… can have a huge negative impact on our self-worth.
However, the world is not yet ready for that conversation, they fear us, they fear our power, they fear equality because it will expose their false tools and excuses to control us.

We live in a world of double standards, we’re being brushed as “feminazi” once we stand up for our selves !!!
They abnormalize our normal needs, our rights to desire and expect.
They disregard the impact of all that on how we view ourselves, then look down on us.
You’re emotional, weak humans they say …

I didn’t know having emotions is considered weak.

In our mind, we as women, we dream always of the world of the possibles, in this masculine world of the impossible.

A world they filled with cruelty and hate, aren’t men who took the lead ?!

Maybe it’s about time for us to guide and plant a seed for a better tomorrow, a world as beautiful as us, a world that can feed.

Now allow me to repeat :
“Promises and deception
wrapped around my throat
with extraordinarily precious lies to choke my soul “They call it LOVE “ .

I Noujoud Yassine shall always speak.

#whennanawrites #NY