Relationships of our time

Relationships of our time


Relationships of our time

One of the women’s modern dilemmas is relationships I believe, and one of the major reasons for it is that women nowadays might seem to want a man but it’s not like they NEED a man.

Realistically enough women are no longer looking for a man to support them financially.

A woman today will not put up with a man  that feels entitled to tell her how to run her life. Or that man that thinks he can own her.

For women of our days, that’s  a No-No my loves.

Women have already got a lot covered for themselves and the last thing they would need is a man that seems and feels like drama ( #runforyoursanity ).

Now when men ask what do women want, well good luck figuring that out my friend because each and every woman is different and unique and it’s on you to learn your partner.

However what you men need to understand is that a woman today is no longer looking for a Prince Charming to rescue her, she is looking for that prince who will adore her, she’s looking for a fun companion .she needs a man who will stick around, a good listener and an equally good communicator. She wants someone that’s really into her. She needs a PARTNER, not some guy who wants to manipulate, use and abuse her mentally, physically or emotionally.

And here I have to say relationships are never one-sided, it’s not on men alone to do the work and healing, a relationship must go both ways.

man and woman in a relationship

To start with, women and men need both to agree that a relationship is not an escape plan . So if you’re just lonely and not aware of what self-love, and enjoying your own solitude is about, my advice don’t get into any relationship yet, or at least don’t hope much of it until you work on healing and connecting with your inner self.

Speaking of that, some might be wondering what about men of our current time!!! Aren’t they the problem?? They making relationships and love so hard to find!

What do they (men) want??

Some might even question if men really prefer women who are smart and accomplished? Well, I can assure you that yes they do.

Do men prefer women whom they respect and are their true equals? Damn, right they do.

are men intimidated by smart, independent women?

Well, not exactly.

What is the issue here between men and women then ??

Let me tell you ;

The thing is that men, in general, don’t operate the same way as women. So  when a woman repeatedly reminds a man that she doesn’t “need” him, he’ll probably agree with her, and eventually, move on.

Men fall in love based on how you make them feel, not how good you look and that’s the golden rule that most of us women miss out on. So your size and looks are not what keeps him, A man also wants to be accepted, appreciated, and feel like he is needed.

A man also needs to feel like he’s always chosen, understood and supported.

And my advice to both men and women is to “Be raw, be open, be real “  , stay away from forced intimacy, and remember NEITHER WAS THE MAN CREATED FOR THE WOMAN, BUT THE WOMAN FOR A MAN. #whennanawrites #NY