Smoothie Recipes You Should Try This Week Flat Your Stomach & Flush Fat

smoothie with red and black currant in vintage bottle,old wooden board

Finding a delicious smoothie recipe that can help with weight loss can be a challenge. With so many options, just narrowing down the recipes that will actually give your metabolism a boost could take hours. To make it easier, we collected some of our favorite smoothie recipes that will help shrink your stomach and flush fat.

Read on for our favorite smoothie recipes to speed up your weight loss!



Super Berry Weight Loss Smoothie

This recipe is full of antioxidants, fiber, and protein, making it ideal for weight loss. Plus, it is super delicious, so you’ll enjoy every sip.

What You’ll Need: almond milk, banana, frozen strawberries, frozen blackberries, pea protein. Full Recipe: Nutrition Twins



Raw Organic Red Beets

Detox Dynamite Smoothie

This is a great recipe to dry if you want a little detox. Specifically, beets are a great source of nutrients, and avocado adds a nice boost of healthy fats to this smoothie.

What You’ll Need: coconut water, green apple, red beet, frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple, avocado, spinach, lemon juice, cayenne pepper. Full Recipe: Simply Recipes



Grapefruit Green Smoothie

This is a great smoothie that can help you achieve your weight loss goals quickly. The ingredients in these recipes, especially the cayenne pepper, give your metabolism a boost, which can help you feel and look your best.

What You’ll Need: spinach, mint leaves, celery, green tea, grapefruit, pineapple, avocado, cayenne pepper. Full Recipe: Simple Green Smoothies


Fresh spinach smoothies

Morning Green Smoothie

Adding this morning green smoothie into your diet is an incredible way to start your morning by giving your metabolism a boost. With the caffeine in green tea and the benefits of ginger and avocado, this recipe is a filling way to start your day that can also help you reach your weight loss goals quickly.

What You’ll Need: ice, green tea, nonfat Greek yogurt, spinach, Granny Smith apple, frozen pineapple, avocado, ginger. Full Recipe: Nutrition Twins