Mena Massoud Travelling Around North America For a Vegan Cookbook

“You do not have to be vegan to eat vegan. and that is really what evolving vegan means.”


Mena Massoud doesn’t believe labels, he believes most are a piece ongoing , and that’s why he’s performing on a cookbook titled Evolving Vegan.

“When I used to be growing up, vegans got a nasty rap of being very militant or strict a ‘one way or the highway’ quite deal,” he says over the phone from his range in l. a… “But our world is clearly changing. We are all evolving towards the vegan lifestyle. Even humongous corporations like Beyond Meat and Impossible are multi-billion dollar companies now during a multi-billion dollar industry. So you don’t need to be vegan to eat vegan. And that’s really what evolving vegan means. Encouraging people to evolve within the right direction and eat more plant-based foods.”

Massoud first began thinking of veganism back in 2015, when he and two other actor friends in Toronto started researching animal products from the lens of the impact that they had on their body.

“We were young guys in our 20s understanding and eager to get really fit, and as we started checking out how animal products negatively affected our health and our surroundings , we started slowly cutting things out. I cut out meat first then I cut out eggs then I cut out the chicken. That’s really where the thought of evolving comes from. You don’t roll in the hay all directly . I don’t encourage people to travel from eating meat to dropping it all cold turkey. I encourage people to evolve therein direction and roll in the hay slowly.”