Shanina Shaik Unveils Anticipation for Her Beauty Brand’s Debut

Amidst the glamour of the fashion world, Saudi-Australian sensation Shanina Shaik takes a stride into the beauty realm, igniting excitement with a sneak peek into her upcoming venture, Sala By Shanina. The former cover star of Vogue Arabia tantalizes her followers with a teaser on Instagram, introducing the brand’s inaugural creation—a versatile, buildable mascara that pays homage to the fearless confidence of the iconic 90s era.

Embracing Beauty and Community: A Unique Fusion: Sala By Shanina emerges as a haven where the realms of clean beauty and community converge. Shaik paints a vision that transcends the cosmetic, where each product fosters an essence of shared values and collective empowerment. The brand’s introductory products are poised to grace the stage this September, a harbinger of a fresh chapter in the world of beauty.


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Shanina: A Beauty Enthusiast’s Journey:
Beauty runs deep within the veins of the 32-year-old model, as witnessed through her makeup and skincare-related content and illuminating tutorials. This journey now evolves into the launch of Sala By Shanina, a manifestation of her genuine ardor for the industry that extends far beyond the superficial.

Inclusive Engagement: An Interactive Prelude: Embracing the spirit of inclusivity, Shaik invites her followers into her creative process by empowering them to select the name for the new Sala By Shanina mascara. Partnering with Beaubble, a platform that champions creator-led, community-powered beauty brands, she offers options like Classic Ninety, Lash Archive, and 24 Lash. A nod to community-driven beauty endeavors, this interactive engagement extends to choosing the mascara’s packaging design, amplifying the collective voice.

A Journey of Diversity and Celebration: As the muse that graced the June 2022 cover of Vogue Arabia, Shanina Shaik personifies a journey of diversity and inclusion. With an ancestral tapestry woven from Australian, Lithuanian, and Pakistani threads, she embodies the celebration of varied cultures. Reflecting on her path, she acknowledges the gradual transformation of the modeling industry toward a more embracing and diverse landscape.

In the intersection of fashion, beauty, and identity, Shanina Shaik’s upcoming beauty brand shines as a testament to her dynamic spirit and the evolving essence of the industry itself.