Autumn Beauty Insights from Makeup Maven Mary Phillips: Unveiling Trends and Secrets

Exclusive Interview with the Makeup Artist Behind Kendall Jenner's Glamorous Looks

Mary Phillips, the renowned celebrity makeup artist with a digital footprint of over 52 million hits on TikTok, is a name synonymous with beauty transformation. With a brush that has graced the faces of A-listers such as Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, JLo, and Kim Kardashian, Phillips is not only a maestro of her craft but also the pioneer of the underpainting contouring technique. In a candid conversation with GLAMOUR, Mary spills the autumn beauty trends, her prized makeup tips, and a glimpse into her creative world.

Glowing No-Makeup Makeup: The Art of Radiance: When it comes to mastering the elusive no-makeup-makeup look, Phillips underscores the importance of meticulous skin prep. With a profound emphasis on skin hydration, both inside and out, she advocates for ample water consumption and lavish moisturization. A unique tip surfaces as she divulges her technique of delicately tapping moisturizer over makeup – a move that not only revives the skin’s hydration but also imparts a fresh, natural appearance. The artistry doesn’t end there; Mary’s expertise shines with her seamless blend of cream and powder highlighters, producing an exquisite luminosity that lingers.


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Lip Magic: Unveiling the Lip Hack: Renowned for her iconic lip combinations, Mary introduces her current favorite lip hack: L’Oreal’s Infallible Matte Resistance. This resilient lip product boasts enduring color and an enchanting range that harmonizes with diverse individuals. Clients’ resounding reviews echo the efficacy of this creation, as lips remain flawlessly adorned throughout the night, making it a staple in Mary’s arsenal.

Accentuating Kendall’s Eyes: The Liner Chronicles: Kendall Jenner’s eyes, with their enchanting curvature, serve as the canvas for Mary’s deft eyeliner artistry. Skillfully following the under curve of the lower lid, she extends the liner to elevate the eyes’ allure. A subtle yet impactful trick that complements Jenner’s naturally captivating eye shape.

Reciprocal Learning: The Art of Sharing Insights: From her illustrious clientele, Mary has gleaned invaluable beauty insights. Embracing the wisdom of those who are not only adept at their own makeup but have also collaborated with elite makeup artists, she has acquired a treasure trove of tricks. Among them, a unique gem stands out: utilizing the inside of a tissue for impromptu mattifying—a hack that has proven to surpass traditional powders.

Signature Technique: The Universality of Under Painting: Under painting stands as Mary’s signature technique, gracing every celebrity with its transformative touch. A testament to its versatility and enhancing prowess, this technique remains a constant thread throughout her artistry.


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Timeless Elegance: The Favorite Makeup Creation: The 2023 Vanity Fair Party for Kendall Jenner takes center stage as Mary’s favorite makeup creation of all time. Melding simplicity with classic allure, the look marries timelessness with an irresistible dash of sensuality.

Effortless Glam: 5 Minutes to Radiance: In a whirlwind 5-minute preparation for a soirée, Mary prioritizes concealer, a multitasking cream blush or lipstick, curled lashes, and the magic of mascara. A concoction that ensures rapid radiance.

Crafting Desirability: The Essence of Mary’s Aesthetic: Mary’s aesthetic is an embodiment of elevating natural beauty to its zenith. Through her skillful hands, clients witness the best versions of themselves unfurl. The secret? A commitment to enhancing inherent allure, rather than enforcing change.

Autumn’s Enchanting Palette: Anticipating Makeup Trends: As the autumn leaves descend, a vibrant array of makeup trends emerges. Mary’s excitement resonates with deep, warm tones, including plush lip shades in matte or gloss finishes. Warm blushes, bronzers, and rich plum and burgundy hues come alive, as do the enchanting foxy browns and deep liners that adorn the eyes. An ode to the season’s dramatic play of colors and an invitation to embrace the transformative power of makeup.