Love Is In The Air!

Today is the Valentine’s Day .. the day of love as everyone agrees . February 14th has become a worldwide phenomenal date and with the crazy addiction to social media, it becomes a new way to showoff! It turns to be like a competition who will show his love more.


Regardless of all that fuss around the Valentines Day and the history involved, let’s explain something, we can’t live without love, It does not only have to be between a man and a woman NO! I love my father, my mother, you certainly love your daughter, your son…etc. I can come back home holding a flower, passing it to my helper in the office, or I can give my son a piece of chocolate… and all that could be out of love. you can treat your family for lunch and so on…


Love is a unique feeling that you must respect and value its meanings, so don’t just go and copy what the media want you to do or just to follow the social media influence… year by year this day becomes a commercial day and forcefully you find yourself spending a huge amount of money to keep up with the competition …


What really hurts is that some women will get upset or even make it a big deal if their husbands or boyfriends  do not invest a good amount of money on the gift for this day… if you really love your partner and he love you back, you will see that love daily, when he assists you in your daily life, runnign errands, taking care of the kids, being happy when he is around all of you…just don’t limit your happiness to one day and to certain conditions.


To all great women out there…every day we spend with our loved ones is more than enough to celebrate love.


Finally, researches prove that men forget most of the important occasions such as birthdays, marriage anniversaries. So don’t take it personal and enjoy your daily love vibes instead.