Love is a partnership not an escape plan

Love … we always speak about love but never take our time to think how is it to truly love someone .

We should ask ourselves (what is it that I am missing , what is it that I am I expecting out of this relationship)!!! 

My loves , before saying the word

“I LOVE YOU “  be truthful and honest at least with yourself, ask if this is really how you feel towards that person ? Is him/her truly fulfilling what you’re looking for , what you really want ?! Do you know yourself enough to know that ?!!

Before jumping into a relationship and start dreaming then falling and hurting yourself or maybe others , take your time to learn who you truly are , explore oneself.

You see , LOVE is not a game or an adventure, love is faith and awareness, love is not blind , love should be so clear that it glows.

when you love someone, you go out of your way and you make sacrifices for them. You don’t act jealously, and you don’t suppress their dreams.

When you love someone, you let them embrace their craziest dreams. You let them wander, and imagine on their own. You don’t suffocate them. You don’t entrap them inside your world. You don’t force your dreams onto them. You simply let them be.

You let them grow on their own. And then, you learn to grow alongside them.

Understand that love isn’t there because we are half , be yourself be complete . Start with loving yourself and then Loving someone will feel like magic 💕

Love is a partnership not an escape plan . #whennanawrites