Mansard Riyadh Unveils the Opulent Versailles Gallery

A Sophisticated Oasis in Riyadh's Heart

Embarking on a journey that redefines elegance and artistry, Mansard Riyadh, the distinguished Radisson Collection Hotel, proudly introduces the illustrious Versailles Gallery. A masterpiece of opulence and versatility, this three-story marvel stands as the new nucleus of luxury and culture nestled within the vibrant heart of the city. Elevating the realm of event destinations, the Versailles Gallery beckons to Riyadh’s discerning tastemakers, offering an exquisite canvas to showcase the apex of art, fashion, jewelry, and lifestyle craftsmanship.

Setting a Majestic Precedence

Mr. Firas Mneimneh, the visionary General Manager of Mansard Riyadh, propels the city’s cultural pulse to unparalleled heights with the grand inauguration of the Versailles Gallery. An enigmatic realm adorned with sumptuous interiors and visionary modern aesthetics, this elite venue sets an indomitable benchmark. Its lavish embrace invites luxury lifestyle brands to breathe life into its spaces, infusing the atmosphere with allure and curating exhibitions that transcend the ordinary, all enhanced by a seamless blend of unparalleled hospitality.

An Overture of Elegance

In a splendid debut that reverberates with splendor, renowned Saudi fashion label RAMZEN, led by the visionary Abdulrahman Al-Romaizan, unfurls its latest Summer Resort 2023 collection within the Versailles Gallery’s opulent embrace. A constellation of stars, including the iconic Naomi Campbell, the captivating Lojain Omran, the influential Stephen Hung, the luminous Huda Hussain, and the distinguished Jerry Inzerillo, graces the launch event. The soirée unfolds with culinary delights that dazzle the palate, captivating performances that ignite the senses, and an atmosphere electrified with the spirit of innovation, nostalgia, and artisanal finesse.

The Versailles Gallery, a symphony of elegance, is ingeniously curated to host a spectrum of exclusive events, activations, and immersive showcases. A sanctuary where creativity thrives, this refined venue is the ultimate canvas for artists, designers, and luxury brands to unfurl their latest masterpieces. The captivating ambiance plays host to thought-provoking art exhibitions, avant-garde fashion spectacles, and avant-garde product launches, all within the resplendent realm of the Versailles Gallery. A haven for culinary pioneers as well, the space tantalizes visitors with novel dining concepts and gastronomic adventures that tantalize the senses.

Stretching across three captivating floors, the Versailles Gallery boasts an expanse of 400 square meters per floor, adorned in a palette of cream, gold, and slate grey accentuated by notes of deep burgundy, maroon, and blush pink. The ground floor unveils a charming bar, versatile and enchanting—an intimate setting for coffee mornings, enchanting mocktail soirées, and captivating receptions.

A graceful ascent to the first floor unveils a generous expanse, an ideal canvas for grand events or multiple exhibitions, curated to meet the brand’s every aspiration. The space seamlessly accommodates diverse requirements, with provisions for a prayer room that speaks to the essence of inclusivity. Ascending further, the second floor reveals the Versailles Majles—a regal sanctuary for meetings and events. A sanctuary that exudes elegance, this intimate space accommodates up to 20 guests, offering a sanctuary for seamless conversations and dynamic gatherings. The living area mirrors modern sophistication, complemented by a tasteful dining space that embodies refined intimacy.

A journey within the Versailles Majles commences with a pass-around canapés reception, an elegant prelude delivered by white-gloved attendants. A curated symphony of gastronomy unfolds—a meticulously crafted five-course European feast, harmoniously paired with expertly selected libations. The crescendo of this culinary symphony features Saudi coffee, the embodiment of tradition, complemented by the finest dates. Every facet of this culinary voyage is adorned with the world’s most prestigious dinnerware and cutlery, including Baccarat, Jaune de Chrome, Christofle, and Bernardaud.

The Versailles Gallery unveils itself as a customizable tapestry, meticulously tailored to elevate each facet of the brand’s event into a realm of immersive luxury. For inquiries and reservations, embark on a journey with Mansard Riyadh, the epitome of the Radisson Collection Hotel. Your passage into the realm of the Versailles Gallery awaits, a testament to elegance and opulence that resonates far beyond Riyadh’s borders.

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