What to Wear (And What to Avoid) for Long Torso

Long torso short leg combination ladies we are back with tips for all of your requests, Our last video on short torso got a lot of great feedback and you were asking for this and here it is but worry not because today we have a royal inspiration to guide us through this topic yes we’ll be taking a closer look at Princess Kate and uncovering the secrets behind her impeccable style let’s first understand what it means to have a long torso The Torso length refers to the length of the body’s trunk extending from the neck to the pelvis if you have a long torso you may have noticed a few distinctive features that set you apart your tops may appear shorter ending above your waistline rather than covering it completely blouses with the defined midsection such as those with cinched waist or pea Plum tend to sit at the appropriate place.

Accentuating your waistline beautifully mid-rise jeans are pencil skirts appeal low rise on you now when we look at how Kate dresses you will recognize that every single outfit she wears in outings has elements of how to dress a long torso which make no mistake are very much deliberate in choosing she didn’t always dress this way early on she wore low cut jeans and shorter tops but we can tell that she’s using professional styling tips because she hasn’t worn anything like that since now when dressing a long torso the goal is to visually create a balanced and proportionate silhouette here are the key visual effects you should aim to achieve the primary objective is to visually shorten the length of the Torso this can be achieved by using various techniques such as breaking up vertical lines creating horizontal breaks and drawing attention into other areas of the body emphasizing the waistline is Crucial in creating a balanced look by defining the waist you create the illusion of a shorter torso highlighting the waist helps to create an hourglass shape and adds curves to the figure adding volume or structure to specific areas can help create a visually balanced silhouette.

This can be accomplished through the use of Ruffles peepalm details layering or strategic placement of patterns and textures incorporating vertical elements in your outfit helps the elongate the body and create a more harmonious look vertical lines can be achieved through the use of vertical stripes v-neck lines long necklaces or vertical seam detailing bt drawing attention to the upper body you divert the focus from the length of the Torso this can be achieved through the use of statement necklaces interesting that clients’ shoulder details or patterns and designs that attract attention to the upper body Kate often uses embellishments buttons brooches bows intricate tailoring to a depth and grab attention to a smaller focal point on her torso let’s talk about styles to wear for a long torso on top embrace your long torso by wearing cropped tops they create a balanced proportion by visually shortening the length of your torso pair them with high-waisted bottoms and to create a defined waistline And highlight your long legs people on tops are a great choice for adding volume and structure to your waistline the flared hemline creates the illusion of a shorter torso while accentuating your curves up for p-line Tops that hit at your natural waistline for the best effect Empire Waste tops feature a high Waistline just below the bust which draws attention upward and creates the illusion of a shorter torso these tops emphasize your bust and flow freely over your midsection balancing out the proportions of your body.

V-neck tops are excellent for elongating the upper body and breaking up the length of a long Torso the downward pointing neckline creates vertical lines that visually shorten the Torso choose v-neck tops and fabrics that drape well for a flattering and feminine look who wrap tops are universally flattering but they work particularly well for those with a long torso the crossover design breaks up the Length of the Torso and defines the waistline opt for wrap tops with adjustable ties or belts to create a custom fit that flatters your body shape tunic tops are longer and looser in style make making them a great option for women with long torso they provide coverage while still maintaining a Relaxed and flowy silhouette pair them with fitted bottoms to create a balanced and stylish look off shoulder tops draw attention to your shoulders and collarbone creating width to the upper body and balancing out the length of your torso they also add a touch of femininity and can be worn in various Styles such as off shoulder blouses or flowy peasant tops layering can work wonders for adding Dimension and breaking up the length of a long torso opt for tops with layer details like Ruffles pleat or tear designs these Styles add volume and visual interest making your torso appear shorter and More balanced I haven’t seen this mention before we know that Kate has the most gorgeous blowouts we can dream of but it’s fascinating to me to understand the reason behind 98 of the times she wears it this way it must be so much work no matter how you look at it unless It’s another strategic move on her part.

I know I’m speculating here but as I’m looking at her pictures I can’t help but think that the length has stayed relatively the same throughout the last 12 years ending right below her shoulders it also Cuts visually the Torso length and minimizes the frame or Perhaps she just loves her hair out but think about your own hair and how it can be styled when long to work in your favor with a long torso so when it comes to full length pants for women with long torso there are a few tips to consider For more flattering looks opt for high-waisted full length pants as they can visually shorten the Torso and create a more balanced silhouette the high rise helps to define the waistline and draw attention away from the length of the Torso tooth straight leg or wide leg pants instead of skinny or tapered Styles straight or wide leg pants provide a more proportional look by adding width and volume to the lower body this helps to balance out the length of the Torso and create a more visually appealing shape consider full length pants with vertical patterns or Pinstripes these patterns create the Illusion of elongation in the legs which can help visually balance our long torso avoid horizontal patterns or White Stripes that can accentuate the length of the Torso you know as mentioned before for low-rise pants may not be the most flattering option for a long tour so as they can elongate the Torso even More instead stick to mid-rise or high rise bands that sit at or above the natural waistline for a more balanced look pay attention to the Hem length of your full length pants aim for a length that grazes the floor or Falls slightly above it this helps to create a longer Vertical line giving the illusion of length in the legs and minimizing the focus on the Torso.

Now let’s move on to my favorite section dresses an Empire waistline sits just below the bust creating a high-waisted appearance and drawing attention to the upper body this style helps Ellen get your torso and Creates a balanced silhouette look for dresses with flowing skirts that skim over your lower body for an elegant and flattering look and we are back to the wraps the wrap dresses are fantastic choice for long tours so the adjustable wrap design cinches at the waist and the finds your curves and creates a Beautiful hourglass shape the diagonal lines of the wrap also visually break up the length of your torso adding balance and proportion to your overall look maxi dresses are a go-to choice for many body tops and they work particularly well for long torso the floor length design creates a vertical line that visually Elongates your figure up from maxi dresses with Empire waistline strategic patterns or vertical details to enhance the elongating effect sheath dresses are known for their streamlined and tailored silhouette it’s probably one of Kate’s favorites these dresses closely follow the body’s Contour emphasizing your figure and elongating your torso look For sheath dresses with interesting details or asymmetrical elements to add visual interest and break up the length of your torso High neckline dresses such as mock neck or halter Style can draw attention upward and balance out a long torso these necklines create the illusion of a shorter upper body and When paired with a right silhouette they can create a harmonious and stylish look remember these dress styles are meant to serve as a starting point personal style and preferences play a significant role in finding the perfect dress for your long torso don’t be afraid to experiment and try different styles to discover What makes you feel confident and beautiful I hope I was able to show you something new to try if you have a long torso or at least enjoyed seeing Kate’s outfits.