Fashion Model / Influencer Yara Lamp in an Exclusive interview with NY


Yara Lamp

Yara Lamp is a fashion model and style influencer with years of experience across the globe, 

Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, her multilingual ability allowed her to become an ambassador for cosmetics companies across the Middle East and Europe.

Moved to the United States in 2008. Been featured in many magazines and walked a runway for local and international designers.

Her expertise are in fashion and beauty.

Her mission is to elevate the fashion industry using her multi-cultural background and worldly experience and to influence and empower women using style and fashion.

how did you start your career?
When I was 19 years old I was approved by a modeling agency for a photoshoot and the rest was history.
what do you enjoy the most/least about what u do?
I enjoy the constant creativity and my least enjoyable part is of course rejection.
what is ur biggest fear?
Not being able to achieve my life goals
what motivates you to work hard?
Other people’s success.
what is ur biggest complaint about what you do?
The stigma about being a model
what is ur proudest accomplishment?
Being at my age now and still doing what I used to do in my twenties.

what makes u laugh the most?

When I get myself into lost in translation situations
how long did it take you to get to where u are today?
Years of perseverance and hard work.
are you satisfied with ur accomplishments?
Yes, but I want more.
if you had the chance to start over what would you change?
Maybe I will not smoke cigarettes in my twenties.
would you consider urself successful?
Yes, but success is stages and I am still in the first stage.
have you ever had a nickname? if so, what is it?
Yes, it’s was Yaroushka
do u like or dislike surprises? why or why not.
I love surprises because it shows the effort of the people they put in to surprise me regardless of what the surprise is all about.
if money was not important, what would u do all day?
On the beach all day every day.
how would others describe you?
Funny, sexy and definitely real.

what is the best and worst gift you have received?

The best gift was a piece of jewelry and the worst was a happy birthday card with an old lady on it.
aside from necessities, what is one thing you cannot go one day without?
Musique, I can’t imagine Life without musique.
how many pairs of shoes do you own?
Over 100
have you ever had a secret admirer?
what’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?
I hiked a 7 miles to the top of a volcano in the Galápagos Islands
what was the last book you read?
Eat, Love and Pray.
are you a tidy or a messy person?
I am in between.
what’s ur favorite fast food chain?
what’s ur favorite family recipe?
Kibbi in the oven
what’s ur favorite family tradition?
Easter dinner

what’s ur favorite childhood memory?

Me and my brother running barefoot on the streets in the village.
what’s ur favorite movie?
Legends of the Fall.
is ur glass half full or half empty?
It’s 90% full all the time
what’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love?
Leaving everyone and immigrate to be with the one I loved
what was ur favorite subject in school?
do you collect anything?
are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I’m more an extrovert
is there anything you wish would come back into fashion?
Low rise jeans
what is your moto in life?
My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
if you had a warning label what would urs say?
I can analyze people’s intention immediately, that’s just a warning for everyone.
what song would you say best sums you up?
Careless whispers
on a scale from 1-10 how funny would you say you are?

what was ur first job?

how many languages do you speak?
who knows you the best?
My mom
what’s your horoscope sign?
define love 💗
1. a deep and tender feeling of affection for or attachment or devotion to a person or persons ; 2. an expression of one’s love or affection. give Mary my love.