Everything We Know About Blackpink’s Upcoming Album, “Born Pink”


A new era for Blinks is upon us.

Blackpink will release their second studio album in September, which will be preceded in August by a single, and will be followed in October by a world tour. The majority of fans weren’t shocked by the announcement, which was made via teaser on July 31, since the Blackpink members—Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa—had repeatedly hinted that another album was on the way. Early in July 2022, the group’s label, YG Entertainment, released a press statement announcing they would start “a continuous large-scale project that would stretch through the second half of the year” with new music in August. It would be the “biggest globe tour in the history of a K-pop female group” to go along with the album. Additionally, Blackpink appeared prepared to announce their return to chart dominance after releasing their latest promotional song “Ready For Love” for the battle royale video game PUBG Mobile.

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Since releasing THE ALBUM, their debut full-length album, in October 2020, Blackpink has developed into one of the most internationally successful musical artists of the previous ten years. The group’s four members have all become well-known individuals with lucrative fashion contracts. Jisoo has a contract with Dior, Jennie has one with Chanel, Rosé has one with Yves Saint Laurent, and Lisa has one with Bulgari and Celine. Jennie acknowledged that “fashion absolutely empowers us as much as music does” in an interview in November 2020, although the group’s musical career is still very much active.

Jisoo stated to Rolling Stone in May 2022, “I feel like I’m replenishing myself.” “Since we haven’t started performing yet, my life isn’t very hectic right now. I want to return right away with some music. The waiting period is now almost ended.

When will the album be released?
Blackpink has not yet revealed the precise release date for their second album, Born Pink. The record will be released in September 2022, according to a teaser, but there is currently no other information available.

What songs may be found on the album? those who will be single?
We don’t yet have a lot of information regarding Born Pink’s tone or songs. Ryan Tedder, a producer and the lead singer of OneRepublic, has admitted to working on Blackpink material, according to Good Morning America. I did collaborate on writing with the gals.

“I honestly love Blackpink, so I can’t tell you what’s coming out,” he continued. According to what I’ve been informed, I believe that one or two of my songs made the CD. I can only say that the work I produced with them is incredibly faithful to their sound. Since they were the ones who wrote it, I mostly just supported their thoughts. It’s unbelievably cool.

The world tour, what about it?
Although Blackpink stated the adventure will start in October, following the release of Born Pink, the sites and dates of the globe tour are still to be determined.