Hud Kattan Opens Up About Having Plastic Surgery

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, the beauty mogul Huda Kattan opently  spoke about her relationship with plastic surgery, admitting she’s not ashamed of going under the knife.  “I did my nose and my boobs together, when we launched the brand, because I had breast-fed and felt ashamed to show them to my husband,” she said.

“I was scared when I went to do it, but I’m really happy [with the results]. I know a lot of celebrities deny they’ve had work but I don’t understand why you would lie.”

In the interview, Kattan also opened up about her recent decision to dissolve the cosmetic fillers she had in her cheeks, face and lips, revealing she wanted a “more natural” look and to encourage people to celebrate their flaws.

“I think it’s really important to celebrate flaws. But first our goal is to create a look. Then hopefully we’ll get people to embrace more and more of who they are, slowly but surely.”