Dubai Mall exclusive, Dolce & Gabbana capsule collection

The capsule collection, which you’ll only be able to find at Dolce’s Dubai Mall boutique is a study in leopard print and leisurewear that’s so kitsch it’s chic. Available in both men’s and women’s, the collections even offer you the (dubious) opportunity to coordinate with your better half.

Dolce calls the collection’s signature print the animalista. It’s one that is synonymous with the brand. A series of leopard-print D&G logos overlaid onto leopard-print finish fabric and offset by color-coordinated trim, Dolce has managed to turn animal print into athleisure.

To wear this collection to the gym would be remiss, though. Think of it more as pre and post-gym wear. It’s a collection made less for the ‘Ath’ and more for the ‘leisure’.


A printed bomber, matching track pants, a spread-collar polo shirt hybrid and relaxed fit club-collar shirts make up the bulk of the collection and are complemented by printed vests, leopard print sliders, caps, and neoprene slip-on shoes.

It’s loud, it’s brash and it’s wild. But how to wear it? There are two schools of thought here. Either you choose a single hero item and wear it with a relatively plain outfit—the red trim polo shirt, for instance, could be used to supe-up a dark navy suit— alternatively, you could go ‘full-look’ and dress head-to-toe in Dolce.